AtoZedSep 10

Why have criticism by any means, amazon has about six different approaches to boot individuals from their stage. Give amazon a chance to be the judge on the off chance that anybody.
is ups store open on saturday

spoonyforkSep 10

I don’t get why FBA Seller Feedback tenets ought to be any unique then outsider Sellers.

I do… the FBA program starts numerous things outside of the dealers’ control, such as transportation time, shipping transporter, wrong things dispatched out, and so on.

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Lovely_homeSep 10

Human brain science is to such an extent that individuals are considerably more ready to leave negative input than positive. Exceedingly agree to point starter.


uniquebooksplusOct 18

Thinking about whether anybody has known about any progressions expected?

Go Amazon! :radiant:

hofcspOct 18

I’m in support for at any rate showing on the item page a few measurements, for example, ebay does. ” 35523 sold “/” 355 sold in most recent 24 hours ”

something to indicate individuals that a lot of individuals are purchasing and utilizing this, and in light of the fact that 1 out of 1000 remaining an audit doesn’t mean the item is terrible.

uniquebooksplusOct 18

Better believe it, I’m lethargic about leaving input. In the event that I don’t leave a criticism, its positive.

Extremely, all unleft criticisms ought to be included as positive the measurements.

Simply my modest sentiment.


Lucy_loves_StarbucksAug 17

Indeed and no… As far as record wellbeing you are obviously right. The issue is that the framework may pass on to clients that you are a poor merchant when you are the best in your classification. That issues as well.

You are right that criticism impacts account wellbeing (ODR). And furthermore client confronting “Positive Feedback Percentage”.

Many have said this doesn’t make a difference any more. I think they are incorrect in any event now and again. Myself, I take a gander at it. Anything short of 90% with a noteworthy number of aggregate criticisms, I wont even take a gander at the merchant. Yet, at that point, I’ve been called abnormal previously.


Binlefois_DirectSep 9

I think Amazon groups the purchaser’s arrival and assessment. Distinctive input has diverse ODR impacts on the dealer. It ought not influence the ODR score of the merchant in light of the purchaser’s concern, which makes it difficult to offer item. This is exceptionally not sensible

spcSep 9

Amazon wouldn’t need to reexamine the wheel. Do what EBAY does. No negative input without email association with purchaser and vender. That would be huge. The other thing is most criticisms are item surveys – Amazon befuddles purchasers. Evacuation process ought to be less difficult. In the event that a criticism is left by mix-up – remove it – don’t request that the vender persuade the purchaser to expel it. On the off chance that a thing is delivered by FBA – evacuate the transportation or wrong thing input. It wasn’t yours in any case – it was the stunning staff at fba that placed anything into boxes or glass things in sacks. As a purchaser, I can’t take a gander at the input except if it’s low. A great many people don’t abandon it by any means. Furious individuals leave a 1 for any reason. (one vender revealed to me never to be the most minimal cost in light of the fact that shoddy individuals don’t peruse, purchase low and leave negative criticism all the more promptly.) One year I totaled up my negative inputs and just got to 23 pennies less dispatching. Novices shouldn’t be permitted scoreable criticism. Prime purchasers who don’t buy a thing on prime shouldn’t be permitted to leave negative transportation input.

The criticism framework is totally broken with no chance to get of settling except if everybody stars at 0 with an aggregate patch up and that would really be more regrettable.

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sibSep 101

Here is an Excel diagram of my intense drop in inputs. As we as a whole know, negatives get super-intensified, as there are so couple of positives to counterbalance them. As a little vender, one “1” is significantly more ruinous than it used to be. Coincidentally, I offer a bigger number of units now than I used to, so this diagram is extremely more regrettable than it looks. The facts confirm that Amazon exacerbated a few changes for the, however I need to likewise think about whether the curiosity of internet shopping has worn off and individuals simply feel lethargic about leaving input. Besides there appear to be a lot higher assumption regarding 2 or even 1-day conveyance these days. I get much less of the “Goodness FAST SHIPPING!” inputs, yet I’m doing nothing unique in relation to years back. Same for nature of packaging– I used to get stacks of acclaim for that, and infrequently do now. I think about whether there is a descending pattern on criticism somewhere else as well?

criticism graph56720d162a9e7ae79c488a02e73eca4f94a24246.png810x460


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Choose_HappinessOct 19

The truth is that Amazon just thinks about two things and two things as it were.

The client


Input has nothing to do with both of these, so there is no motivator to roll out any improvements.

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